Frequently Asked Questions
    What is NOT allowed?

    • Underage content - images of persons under the age of 18, or text/keywords/advertisements implying underage or illegal content. (We will forward all information gathered on child porn webmasters to the FBI, US Customs, Interpol, or any agency that wants to know about them.)
    • Rape content - Non-consensual sex in any context even in a clearly labeled fantasy setting, we just don't like it. We do support your right to view and produce fantasy content legally, we just choose not to be associated with even fantasy rape.
    • Bestiality content.
    • Unlicensed content - - all of the images on your site must be licensed for your use. Images posted on news groups and found on free sites are NOT "in the public domain."
    • Spam - unsolicited email/news group spam advertising your site.
    • Sites in languages other than English.
    • Relocation or manipulation of PornParks placed banners constitutes grounds for account cancellation.

    How much space do I get?

    Each new account gets 50 MB of space. You can create as many sites under an account as you'd like, so it's basically unlimited.

    How much bandwidth do I get?

    Bandwidth is unlimited! We won't shut your site down for getting too much traffic.

    Will you host my domain on my free space account?

    We will host your domain but it is somewhat like the movie situation. If we don't know you we have a hard time trusting you, so you'll need to contact us. If you are sure you'd like to put your domain up at PornParks you can point it to these name servers:


    Then you will need to send us your account info in an e-mail to: and include a description of the site you plan to create on that domain.

    What are the file size and type restrictions?

    Individual files are limited to 150K in size. You will not be able to upload any files larger than this size.
    If and when you are qualified to serve movies, the movie file size limit it 350K.

    May I use CGI on your servers?

    CGI creates a huge security risk for us as well as slows down the free host, we cannot take a risk like that. If you are interested in our paid hosting plans, which will support your CGI script and much more, please see our hosting information page at SexTracker Hosting .

    I forgot my user name/password. What can I do?

    Please email and let us know that you are missing your user name/password. Make sure you include some identifying feature, such as your site URL or the email address you used to sign up.

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